Palacios recieved a BFA from California College of the Arts where he was also an MFA Design Candidate in 2002. 

At the foundation of his creative practice are cross cultural discourse, academic rigor, and critical dialogue.

Palacios is a former Ohio  University School of Art & Design Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, 2005-2008.

Site Design, Careers Section
Hand coding HTML, CSS and Javascript
PMI Mortgage Company 

In the middle of the housing crisis PMI shut down their global web presence. PMI Global's web presence would be found at The global portal's career's section needed to be moved down to the US site. The project was initiated by Human Resources however I would complete the project within the Marketing department's. I was given 3 months to migrate Careers and re-code templates, style sheets and html documents to reflect the new careers section. This project was lead, managed, designed by myself which included all design, art-work, and production. A shoe string budget, a tight turn around and a couple of rounds of lay-offs were just a few of the "constraints" that I am capable of adapting within.

Email Design
Design & Art Direction
Robert Half International: Robert Half Technology, The Creative Group, Robert Half Management Resources and Office Team

Human Resources consulting firm Robert Half International's suite of global brands have direct communication with 345 recruiting offices worldwide. Hiring managers and candidates receive regular marketing offers. Each email design required a header with marketing teaser. The html text below the headers highlighted the offer with a call to action and a corresponding publication download landing page. Coding these email required a hybrid in-line and internal style sheet method in order to insure that each email designed appeared as intended in user's inbox.

Site Design. Coding of Tertiary Pages
Hand Coding and Production, Polychrome, Fullerene Productions

In 2004 social media was beginning to take shape. In the wake of the Napster shutdown designed an ambitious social media network in collaboration with Fullerene Productions (Back-end) and Polychrome (Art Direction). I was contracted by Fullerene to work closely with their IT team who given top level navigation pages to code, but no comps were provided for tertiary pages including user profile pages, user blogs, community pages, and artist pages. The semantic mark-up movement was in full swing, so hand-crafted HTML, CSS and Javascript were developed for structure, layout & design, and scripting. I designed all the tertiary pages for’s and delivered them to Fullerene for further development.

Identity Design, Logo. Wordmark.
Design & Art Direction
Persona Global, Inc.

I was charged with maintaing the website with daily pushes of content which included news, seminars information and other local, regional and global company events. As Ar t Director for Persona Global in Sausalito, California I was responsible for the re-design of their company logo, marketing materials. A new corporate blue was chosen to help refresh the brand as brighter, younger and more contemporary. Minor but significant adjustment to the arc of the mark made contrast less vibrating at smaller sizes. A name change from Person International to Persona Global required careful and precise character spacing for the word global whose proximity to Persona would make reading difficult (Globe). Later for consulting offices in Spain and markets in Mexico and South America Espana was added the identity to satisfy requests from those who paid to use the Persona Global namesake.

Compact Disc Packaging Design
Art Direction, Design & Production
School of Music, Ohio University

Delivered print mechanicals to printer and record label. In collaboration with OU's Roger Braun whose contemporary percussion work was awarded a research and development grant by the College of Fine Arts. Roger's modest budget allotted for a significant  interdisciplinary exchange. My design contributions would be seen as part of the ensemble recording. Reflecting the hand manipulated sounds of the percussion the typography in the title Sticks & Stones was created and manipulated by hand.

Publication Design, Exhibition Catalog
Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Print Production
Ohio University, College of Fine Arts

In 2008 I was commissioned by the OU's College of Fine Arts to lead the creative direction on the exhibition catalog titled Beyond Drawing: Constructed Realities. Design Fees, 4-color printing and paper costs was sponsored by a Arts for Ohio grant. Upon my request Beyond Drawing was printed on Mohawk Paper's Superfine, thanks to a generous donation by Mohawk. I delivered print mechanicals to a high quality commercial printer located in Columbus Ohio.

Change of Address, Printed Promotional Cards
Art Direction, Design, Illustration

San Francisco was my home for 20 years and it called back to me when my contract with Ohio University came to an end. The promo-cards were printed and mailed throughout 2008 and detailed my new home studio location in Oakland rather than San Francisco. After living in a small college town I found myself seeking a smaller, quieter, less noisy community and lifestyle. In 2011 I moved to the Pacific Northwest, making Portland, Oregon my home in 2012. These design here takes a darker color palette and seems to foreshadow a time for hibernation.

Type Design, Poster
Typography, Photography, Design
Ohio University School of Art, Department of Graphic Design

Cutting edge designer Denise Gonzales-Crisp uses design and writing to defend writing alternative discourse, suggesting that design itself is a form writing. As Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and a working designer my role was to integrate contemporary thinking, new media and new web standards speculated at that time. A peer and colleague Gonzales-Crisp agreed to invitation to be the 2007 Visiting Design Critic. Gonzales Crisp spent several days powerfully engaging students and closed with a lecture on her stunning work whose decorative components became justified in context.

Type Design, Poster
Graphic Design

#DesignWeek is an important event nationwide. #DWPDX or Design Week Portland was a success thanks to the varied contributions of the local, national and sometimes global design community. Now a Portland resident I felt it was important to contribute in my own design. A typographic event the hash tag, the news item, the letterforms are all coded material and speaks to the kind of thinking required of those in the creative services industry. So much code! Essentially the poster design is a twitter post.

Poster Design
Art Direction, Design
Visiting Artists and Scholars, Ohio University School of Art

OU did not require that I attend faculty meetings or participate in committee work. As Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design my research contribution to the community was typographic poster design in support of Visiting Artists & Scholars. Visual art doesn't always provide the necessary language or discourse through which to engage it’s intent of subject matter so I researched a title for the series. One that might consider sexual politics. The three women were engaged in personal artistic investigations deep in conversation with the body of literary texts known as feminist critique . Her Here ; I Am In Here Somewhere accomplishes a delicate balance of text and subtext through the use of typography, photography in an attempt to communicate tension in tone. Her audience is engaged in locating the feminist body of thought as somewhere in proximity to their visit(s), here in the poster, in the series, in the auditorium. All posters were produced and Printed by the Department of Printmaking.

Poster Design
Art Direction, Design
Visiting Artists and Scholars Program, Ohio University School of Art

Mathew Coolidge of Center for Land Use Interpretation proposed Interpreting Anthro-pomorpho Geology as the title of his talk. The Center for Land Use Interpretation or CLUI is a research center for interventions of visual art and data-resourcing. I delivered a large format poster to announce the visit and the talk that Coolidge would be giving.

Poster Design, Bus Kiosk
Art Direction, Design
Graphicstudio. University of South Florida

David Norr of Graphicstudio at University of South Florida commissioned a poster to mark the visit of conceptual performance artist Trisha Brown. Trisha Brown Dance Company uses multi-media and drawing during performances to distinguish the act of mark making as that of a choreographed movement. I utilized student work for the line work at the bottom of the poster. Photography was provided by Trisha Brown.

Identity Design, Logo, Word mark
Art Direction, Design
UC Berkeley

Michael Lucey a Professor at UC Berkeley had the role of Director of Center for the Study of Sexual Culture and was integral in keeping the research as timely as possible. Rather that a queer theory research center the Study of Sexual Culture’s intent is to consider all contexts of sexual inquiry. The research center awarded money to graduate students at UC Berkeley whose work broadened the critical discourse of the role of sex and sexuality within a researcher’s scope of inquiry. The word mark was divided into a triptych. Shown here as a poster. The logo and word mark were used on stationary, letterhead, envelopes and on the Center’s website.